Speech #WomenDefendRojava

Or: Why the fight for peace and self-determination in north Syria is a feminist fight.

Our speech for the Rojava solidarity demonstration at the 26th of october in Dresden:

The recent attacks from the turkish government are neither surprising nor unique. Quite the opposite, they are just the latest sad height in a series of tries to destroy the achievements of the kurdish women’s movement. Continue reading

Thank God? – On the resignation of Bishop Rentzing

(1973 leaflet criticising church)


In 2015, Carsten Rentzing was elected the protestant Bishop of Saxony in a close election. As a representative of arch-conservative views, he was explicitly criticized back then (also by us) not least because of his homophobic views. At the time, we expressed our concern that right-wing positions would receive additional support through the election of a reactionary theologian to the church leadership. In recent years, Rentzing has proven that he repeatedly uses his power, his possibilities and his networks for this purpose precisely.

During his term in office, the criticism did not diminish, even if Rentzing tried to label and prevent inner-church debates about the political orientation of the protestant Landeskirche (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony) as conniving attempts of schism.

Unfortunately, there were unpleasant occasions for it, which led to a number of smaller and larger scandals, which, in many cases, did not even reach the public.

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Discussion panel – About “unborn” life

To terminate a pregnancy does not seem to be a woman’s personal affair anymore. According to conservative hardliners*, her belly belongs to everyone! The event takes up the current debate and looks for solutions to the complex problem of self-determination and freedom of information.

What is the situation like with abortions in Saxony and with our neighbours? What vision and demands do we have? What is the image of women and families behind this? How does this fit together with the dwindling number of midwives or insufficiently financed day care centres?

Wednesday, 29 May 2019 from 19:00 to 21:00 in the WIR AG (Martin-Luther-Str. 21, 01099 Dresden)

With Sarah Diehl (publicist et al.International Reproductive Rights of Women), Sarah Buddeberg (Equal Opportunities and Queer Policy Spokesperson of the Saxon Left Group) and a representative of e*vibes, Moderation: Susann Riske (Education Officer at the Special Office for Girls*Work and Gender Competence)
A joint event of the Bürger*innenbüro Sarah Buddeberg and the RLS Saxony


Demo Training Workshop: Together, effectively and in solidarity at demonstrations!


You want to go with us to Annaberg-Buchholz so we can demonstrate together for self-expression and against Christian fundamentalism? You want to network with others and see how we can act together and in solidarity?

Then come to our demo training.

18.05.2019 // 12 o’clock // Eckladen (Wachsbleichstraße 65, Dresden)

Here there is the possibility for people with different levels of experience and knowledge to deal specifically with the following topics and to network for Annaberg-Buchholz:

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No means … event series from February until April 2019

++No means… Confrontations with sexualised violence in left-wing contexts++

Crossing borders in the form of physical and psychological violence takes place everywhere, and even people who oppose sexism and work together for a mindful approach are being confronted with such behaviour themselves or within their immediate environment. Therefore such cases are not rare even within left-wing scenes.
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Prague, 27th of April – against the “National March for the Family”

+++ Info + Mobi event + Call + Bus trip to Prague +++

This year on 27th of April there will be a public counter protest against the “Pro-Life- March” in Prague, organized by our friends from Kollektiv 115.
Together with Pro Choice Sachsen and  URA, we call for bringing the protest and our demands for an emancipatory perspective instead of reactionary, sexist family ideology to an international level. We call for supporting our local friends* and comrades-in-arms in their feminist and anti-nationalist struggles.

Therefore we share the call of Kollektiv 115:

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