Open meeting to deal with sexualised violence / Moni’s Rache

Hello there, we are e*space, a group that has been working in different line-ups since 2012, mainly theoretically, on the topic of “emancipatory and collective approaches to sexualised violence”.

The events surrounding Moni’s revenge do not affect us, but above all, they raise issues and questions with which we are also confronted again and again.

Therefore, we want to try to create a space together in which we can deal with the possibilities, obstacles and limits of collective dealings with sexualised violence, which at the same time has room for those affected and tries to develop options for action on a collective level.

We want to exchange ideas and perhaps find common words on questions like:

What perspectives can we offer if we want to deal with (sexualised) violence collectively, i.e. also outside of the state, police and criminal justice system? To what extent can embedding in structural contexts be helpful in (collective) dealing with sexualised violence? What are perhaps also the limits of the transformative justice concept – especially in relation to the case of Moni’s revenge and its supposed application?

We would like to invite you to join us. If you are interested, we can also talk about how we can join forces and create a structure in this field in the long run.

05.March 19 – 22 pm AZ Conni. The meeting is open to all interested parties.


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