20.10.2016 German-speeking Trans* community magazines and pamphlets as a place of education  
@kosmotique Dresden

05.10.2016 “Huh, you can be whatever you want to be?!” – Introduction into feminism
@ KRETA, Dresden

02./03.10.2016 Protests against the celebration of unity
@ Dresden

17.09.2016 Actions against the “March for life”

14.07.2016 lecture: “Gender and capitalism

28.06.-03.07.2016 Infobooth and lecture: “Power of Definition – a feminist critique”

24.06.-26.06.2016 Böse und Gemein Festival

21.06.2016 Vortrag: “Geschlecht und Kapitalismus”

06.06.2016 Demonstration Stop Silence March!@Annaberg – Buchholz


24.05.2016 Jam and free stage for women*
@AZ Conni, Dresden

15.05.2016 cafém – reading with Kirsten Achtelik: Self-determined norm – feminism, prenatal diagnostics, abortion
@ AZ Conni, Dresden

03.05.2016 Jam and free stage for women*
@AZ Conni, Dresden

19.04.2016 Jam and free stage for women*
@AZ Conni, Dresden

01.04.2016 Antifa and gender or “Huh, you can be whatever you want!”
@Time to Act – antifascist youth congress in Chemnitz

29.03.2016Talk and Discussion About Queer, Anarchism and Feminism with a person of crimethinc.

22.03.2016 Protest against Birgit Kelle

20.03.2016 cafém – Sollte, Hätte, Könnte, Würde, Wöllte, MACHEN!!

03/12/16 Feminist Fight Day Demonstration

03/09/16 “We are worse than we thought we thought we are – we’re shocked by ourselves” – Thoughts on feminist militancy @kosmotique

03/05-06/16 a weekend of events in OsnabrückFight for Feminism

02/21/16 cafém – getting to know feminism: what do we do, girls? shout out loud! @kosmotique, Dresden

02/06/16 Actionday Against Fortress Europe @Dresden

01/22/16 International Trans* Prisoners Day @AZ Conni

01/17/16 cafém – getting to know feminism: Documentary about the life of the life of the LGBTQ+ community form the 20s until Stonewall @kosmotique, Dresden