29.05.2019  About “unborn” life

25.05.2019 Protecting Life – Legalize Abortion: Demonstration and streetfest  in Annaberg-Buchholz
More information  you can find at Pro Choice Sachsen

18.05.2019 Demo Training Workshop: Together, effectively and in solidarity at demonstrations!

17.05.2019 Inside Argentinas revolution of the daughters

12.05.2019 Whisk(y)tasting – Prohibition? Prochoice!

27.04.2019 Dance Counter-Demonstration against National March in Prague

 (02/2019-04/2019) Event Series:  No means … Confrontations on sexualised violence in left-wing contexts

18.04.2019: Lets found a group
13.04.2019 Workshop: Antisexist support as support structure for the scene…?
04.04.2019 Reading: Transformative work with violent individuals
28.03.2019 An Approach to Dealing with Discrimination and Violence – Introduction to Community Accountability
21.03.2019  Lecture: Progressive Masculinity with  Muriel Aichberger
14.03.2019 “How to say no enables proximity” with The Irksome Institute
07.03.2019 Lecture: “Rape revisited” with Mithu Sanyal
28.02.2019 Reading:  “Nichts, was uns passiert” (Nothing what happens to us) with Bettina Wilpert
14.02.2019  Lecture: Gender and urban combat 

08.03.2019 Strike-Fest at Postplatz

08.03.2019 Decentral Strike-cafés: Info, Breakfast, Action, Talk

06.03.2019 KüfA ( AZ Conni Allstars) + Mobievent of F*Strikers

27.02.2019 2nd public meeting of the working group dealing with public relation  of the F_Streik network Dresden

31.01.2019 F_Streik Meeting of network

26.01.2019 Protest for the abolition of the §219 StGB
@Prager Straße

21.01.2019 open meeting for all being interested in e*vibes