Inside Argentina’s Revolution of the Daughters

Videos and Images of Argentine Feminism
presented and commented by an activist of

17.05.2019 Revolution of the Daughters – Feminist Struggles in Argentina
7 p.m. at AZ☆CONNI (then Inkasso AZ Soliparty)

In November 2018, on the occasion of the protests for the G20 summit in Argentina, the two independent German media collectives and leftvision set out to document and accompany the Argentine protests. It was striking that there is currently hardly a larger, more radical, more active anti-capitalist and oppositional movement in Argentina than feminism or Argentine feminisms. It is about women*, as everywhere else, who are the first to suffer from the neoliberal austerity measures and privatizations in the health and education sector . i´In response to the increasing number of brutal feminicides (femicides) and sexualized violence in Argentina, the movement “Ni una menos – Not  one woman less!” was founded. It has become the inspiration for active people worldwide, regularly mobilizes hundreds of thousands, at annual women’s assemblies (Assambleas) women from all parts of the country. Social groups come together, cross-generationally, dynamically and intersectionally.

On the occasion of the upcoming events in Annaberg-Buchholz, a look at international feminist currents can hopefully provide impulses and suggestions for local groups and activists as well as international feminist struggles of new generations can become stronger, more audible and more inclusive.

+++ Protect lives! Legalize abortion! – For a feminist practice +++


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