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cafém in March: Would have, could have, chould have – DOING IT!!

This month’s cafém is a little different. To be honest: The cafém is having a crisis. Which is why it is reinventing itself at the moment and, in future, it wants to be more open and interactive. We want to discuss YOUR ideas of how this little space created with the cafém could/should look like and how we can revitalise it together.
For this, we’re inviting you to the FIRST OPEN PLENARY at 3pm. Bring your friends and ideas 🙂 Let’s turn the cafém into an experimental open space that can be used and created by you yourselves and that is open for special events, such as bigger workshops or talks.

++Other topics++
* Review of the Feminist Fight Day Demonstration in Leipzig on 03/12/16
* Designing the new cafém leaflet
* Fixing the cafém sign
* Maybe a film

As usual, we’ll have a vegan buffet, coffee and tea. Feel free to bring some food or drinks or to leave a small donation. Of courese, there’ll also be a playing area for the little ones, a reading area with books and zines, as well as space and time to chat and hang out.

cafém – getting to know feminism: 2-8pm
open plenary: 3pm

“We’re far worse than we thought we are, we’re shocked by ourselves”

Thoughts on feminist militancy

What’s that shit with women* apparently being either peaceful or bitchy? How are femininity and aggression interconnected? How can we overcome – in our political practice – the friendliness/smile we were taught? What does militancy mean to us, what can feminist militancy be? Definitely more than a mixture of feminist slogans and things guys are doing at demonstrations. How should our “our” militancy look, without only taking part in already existing forms? Which examples of feminist militancy existed in the past? And now, where to go to with the anger?
Link to the video

When? 09/03/16 at 6pm (!!! time changed !!!)
Where? kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Str. 16 01099 Dresden
talks is in German

cafém in February: what do we do girls? shout out loud!

some people love songs of the labour movement. they cherish them, learn their lyrics by heart, they recite them perfervidly. why doesn’t anything like that happen to feminist songs? are there any women songs? trans songs? lesbian songs? feminist movements, womanism and pop culture did indeed create some powerful, solidary, impressive songs. which ones have been and/or are important to you and what can why do with them now?
bring hits and insider’s tips on sound carriers (live performances are very welcome, as well^^)

next to that, we’ll have the usual vegan buffet (feel free to bring something, too), coffee, tea, a play area, lots of zines and books as well as time and space to chat, hang around and chill.

cafém – getting to know feminism: 3-8pm
listening to, playing, re_discovering, singing, performing,… feminist songs: 4pm
@kosmotique, martin-luther-str. 13, 01099 dresden

cafém in October: Drama Workshop

Summer-break is over – the next cafém takes place on 18/10/2015. As usual, there’s a brunch (feel free to bring something vegan or vegetarian), a reading corner with many zines and books, a play area and lots of space and time to chat.
From 3pm it’s time to get ready,…

…steady, go, on_stage!
Yes! First: warming up. Awakening the fun of and desire for acting.
Then: trying out (inside and OUT of yourself)!

With-one-an_other. Wildly, calmly, funnily, earnestly getting into improvisation, getting animated by me, actress, Anna.
Playing with slipping into “alien others’, playing with the ‘familiar peculiarity’.
In a room for women*lesbians*trans folks*inter folks*, in which we can play with topics of gender without being a puppet of gender.

The drama workshop is limited to 10 people, so drop us an e-mail to register: email hidden; JavaScript is required

cafém: 2-8pm
Workshop: 3pm

And here is this month’s poster – so now you can even print it out and hang it up yourselves or send it to all of your friends 🙂


A letter! A letter! – An Answer of Feminist Fightback London!

Reply from Feminist Fightback London: After we had wished them a successful action on May 19th, this answer fluttered into our letterbox:

Dear comrades,

We were very happy to receive your letter in solidarity with our action. The pro-choice action in Stratford, London against “Helpers of God’s Precious Infants” on Sat 9th of May 2015 was vibrant and loud. Feminist protestors –both from Feminist Fightback and other allies that came for the action- blocked the anti-choice religious group as they tried to march from a church to the abortion clinic. The action took place outside the church –with the intention of not interfering nearby the abortion clinic- and attracted passer-bys who stopped and engaged with us. The group ranged from women to children to male allies around colourful handcrafted banners. We made noise with pots and pans, whistles and the stereo that was playing punk songs as well as feminist classics. There was a brilliant moment where we sang along to Aretha Franklin’s Respect, summed up why we were there: RESPECT women’s choices! The feminist presence managed to delay the anti-choice group for over two hours until we were pushed back by the police (who escorted the procession), though the anti-choice demonstration only had ten minutes in front of the clinic. A great achievement!

We would also wish to express our solidarity with your action on the 1st of June in Annaberg-Buchholz in Germany. It is great to make connections with and be inspired by comrades working on similar issues elsewhere. Attempts by religious groups to make regressive demands in terms of reproductive rights and harassing women against making choices regarding their own bodies, are merely the last desperate acts of a dilapidated dogma. We will continue to engage in action to stand against fundamentalist religious attempts to control and dictate women’s lives. We very much appreciate engaging in on-going conversations with comrades around the world on this issue!

We look forward to hearing about your experience and in combining efforts to overcome the challenges to our reproductive rights!

In solidarity,
Feminist Fightback

Information to the protest will be found here.

Women in Exile meets Refugee Women* Café

The workshop will describe the history of Women in Exile and Friends. In a power point presentation and a short film clip from our raft tour last summer, this was joined by refugee women and supporters without refugee background nation wide.

We will tell a story that started from personal problems, which made us organize ourselves politically and friends supporting our political fight. After that, we will discuss together about general refugee issues, from a woman’s perspective such as isolation, exclusion, sexist and racist discrimination.

Women in Exile‘is an initiative of refugee women founded in Brandenburg in 2002 to fight for their rights. We decided to organize ourselves as a refugee women’s group because we have made the experience that refugee women are doubly discriminated against, not only by the racist and discriminative refugee laws in general, but also as women.

Women in Exile & Friends‘ was formed in 2011 by Women in Exile & activists in solidarity without refugee background. We focus on the abolition of Lagers, all laws governing the life of asylum seekers and migrants, and on the intersection of racism and sexism. In our group we experience that women can relate to each other, regardless of their differences in age, origin, religion, status, sexual orientation or other factors. And that together we can make an impact. We develop strategies to achieve political change and take our protest against the inhuman living conditions of refugee women to the public.

Wednesday May 13th
6.30pm // Martin Luther Str. 13 (kosmotique)