cafém in March: Would have, could have, chould have – DOING IT!!

This month’s cafém is a little different. To be honest: The cafém is having a crisis. Which is why it is reinventing itself at the moment and, in future, it wants to be more open and interactive. We want to discuss YOUR ideas of how this little space created with the cafém could/should look like and how we can revitalise it together.
For this, we’re inviting you to the FIRST OPEN PLENARY at 3pm. Bring your friends and ideas 🙂 Let’s turn the cafém into an experimental open space that can be used and created by you yourselves and that is open for special events, such as bigger workshops or talks.

++Other topics++
* Review of the Feminist Fight Day Demonstration in Leipzig on 03/12/16
* Designing the new cafém leaflet
* Fixing the cafém sign
* Maybe a film

As usual, we’ll have a vegan buffet, coffee and tea. Feel free to bring some food or drinks or to leave a small donation. Of courese, there’ll also be a playing area for the little ones, a reading area with books and zines, as well as space and time to chat and hang out.

cafém – getting to know feminism: 2-8pm
open plenary: 3pm