Feminist Solidarity after evictions in Greece

We would like to share the call for solidarity from “Feminists for migrant solidarity in Athens”. On the same issue, an office of the LINKE party (sister organisation of SYRIZA) was occupied in Dresden. Like the squatters demanded, Katja Kipping (Leader of the LINKE party) contacted SYRIZA officials to condemn the police action in Thessaloniki. (Declaration from the occupation in Dresden)


During the early morning of the 27th of July, riot police evicted 3 squats in the city of Thessaloniki, (Orfanotrofio, Nikis Avenue, and Hurriya) which were were being used for the housing needs of migrants and people in solidarity. Heavy police forces raided the squats and detained 83 people, out of whom 74 were later accused of “disturbing private peace”. Continue reading

e*vibes in june

After Annaberg-Buchholz – here you can find the press review and the indymedia article here

At 21.06.2016 e*skunks goes to Vienna to have a lecture about gender and kapitalism. The event will start at 7pm at W23 (Wipplingerstraße 23)

After that the fantastic “Böse und Gemein”-Festival will start on 24th of June in Dresden. We are really looking forward to it!

On the 30th of June at 5 pm e*space will have the lecture “Definitionsmacht – eine feministische Kritik” at the fusion festival.
Apart from that you can find our information desk at the oase.

Do you feel like..


.. feminist politics
.. theoretical discussions
.. talking
.. radical critics on society
.. feministist militancy
.. emancipatory practice?

Then come to the e*vibes meeting, to get to know each other, on June 13th 2016 in front of kosmotique (Martin – Luther – Str. 13, Dresden) at 4.30pm or write an e-mail to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

All genders welcome!

Another Mobiweek..

17.05.16, 7pm, Chemnitz
Lecture by Kirsten Achtelik „Selbstbestimmte Norm. Feminismus, Pränataldiagnostik, Abtreibung“.
Lokomov (Augustusburger Straße 102)

18.05.16, 7.30pm, Leipzig
Lecture by Kirsten Achtelik „Selbstbestimmte Norm. Feminismus, Pränataldiagnostik, Abtreibung“.
Interim (Demmeringstraße 32)

19.05.16, 7pm, Berlin
Information/Modilisation Lecture; Tickets for the bus from Berlin will be available
Projektraum H48 (Hermannstraße 48, U-Bahnhof Boddinstr.)

19.05.16, 6.30 pm, Halle
Information/Modilisation Lecture and movie: Maria, Christiane, Else, Karin, Lea, Lydia, Petra S., Petra W., und der §218
MLU Audimax Hörsaal XXIII

20.05.16, 8pm, Annaberg – Buchholz
Lecture by Kirsten Achtelik „Selbstbestimmte Norm. Feminismus, Pränataldiagnostik, Abtreibung“.
Neues Konsulat

21.05.16, 5pm, Plauen
Lecture by Kirsten Achtelik „Selbstbestimmte Norm. Feminismus, Pränataldiagnostik, Abtreibung“. + female focus-concert.
Projekt Schuldenberg

Mobi Annaberg – Buchholz part II

After the previous events there will be two more:

13.05., Klatschcafé Dresden, 6pm, Mobivortrag

15.05., cafém Dresden, 4pm (cafém starts at 2pm), lecture by Kirsten Achtelik about feminism, self-determination, abortion and pränatal diagnosis

Bustickets for the Demonstration will be available and both events take part at Kosmotique (Martin-Luther-Str. 13
01099 Dresden)

For any further information: schweigemarsch-stoppen.de

Female focused & queer-feminist festival ‘Böse und Gemein’ 24.-26.6.

Female focused & queer-feminist festival in Dresden

Anti-Corpos (Lieblingsband São Paulo, Brazil)

Cocaine Piss (Noise Punk aus Belgien)

Femme Krawall (Riot Grrrl aus Berlin)

Cuntroaches (Bösester & schönester Noisepunk aus Berlin)

Levitations (Sympathischster Postpunk aus Berlin)

THURM (Pure Power from everywhere)

Svffer (Crusty, blackened HC-extended von Münsteranerinnen* in Berlin)

Gurr (Feinste Garagenmusik aus Berlin)

▲ Sa 25.06. in der Kosmotique ▲
13 Uhr ► Wanna talk about sex? Yes Clitoris! Input + Austausch
Mit Louisa (Berlin)
15 Uhr ► Ausstellungseröffnung OFF THE ROKKET
Queere Pin-ups von Yori Gargarim
16 Uhr ► Sexy Time – Raum für Austausch. Sprechen über und beim Sex I Input + Austausch
Mit Madeline (Bochum)

▲ So 26.06. in der Kosmotique ▲
14 Uhr ► Feministisch Frühstücken
16 Uhr ► Ein Wurm mit Adlerflügeln, in der Küche Talg hackend // Lesung mit dem AK Unbehagen
18 Uhr ► PorYes – Feminist Porn Award – Feministische Konzepte in der Pornografie I Input + Austausch
Mit Lexi (Dresden/Berlin)
19.30 Uhr ► Offenes Vernetzungstreffen und Abschluss Festival

▲ 25.06./26.06. in der Queer Station / Beim Festival ▲
► Cunt Collective (Oldenburg) I Ausstellung I Interaktives Angebot
► Henrike Iglesias I Installation
Henrike Iglesias sind Anna Fries, Laura Naumann, Marielle Schavan und Sophia Schroth.
► Yori Gagarim (Berlin) I Festivalstand I Politische Bildung
► Sexclusivitäten (Berlin) I Festivalstand I Sexuelle Bildung

“böse und gemein“ is a queer-feminist and all-grrrlz concert-booking-collective from Dresden, Germany. It is a friendly collective that is open for cooperation and new participants.

Our feminism does not exclude anyone, nor is it focused on one specific gender. Together, we aim to overcome the restricting and discriminating norms of biologism and gender, as well as the word gender itself – to us, genders are genitals; what you make out of your own identity is entirely up to you!

Irrespective of our demand to overcome the matter of gender as a construct of power preservation by specific groups, the reality is that we live in a society in which women* and men* make different experiences. It is for that reason that we have made it our goal to strengthen female positions on stage and to emphasise them throughout our concerts. We are not excluding anyone; we are simply changing the focus.

Machoism, degradation of femininity (not bound to genitals), boyz-clubs and tough atmospheres at concerts are utterly unpleasant and in no way enjoyable. Therefore, it is time to shift the focus and to try something different.
We believe feminism means to take actions and offer alternatives. Our idea of queer-feminism contains the creation of open spaces where everyone can be how and whomever they are or would like to be – beyond the boundaries of any form of norm or standard. To us, being queer means the emancipation from stereotypical images and conceptions, to get creative and to explore our identity/ies.
We are tired of the taking over of spaces by a certain privileged group – thus, we are aiming to create and offer new spaces.

To us, punk means self-empowerment, DIY, imagination and energy. It has nothing to do with a certain style or music genre – punk comes from within. The demands on inclusive feminism and the idea of gender and identity have changed since riot grrrl. However, the question of power that riot grrrl raised (and answered) within the (cis) male dominated scene still remains. Not much has changed. We want to create new open spaces through the link between feminism and punk – on and off the stage. Through being carried away by music, community and energy – collectively sweating, breathing, shouting and dancing. It needs more effort to create a lasting effect on and change in the atmosphere of a concert than to state “no sexism” in your Facebook event.
Let’s do this!
Queers in love at the end of the world.