Antifeminist damage

A poster campaign was carried out throughout Dresden on the occasion of the International Women’s Fight Day. With 1500 posters spread over the entire city area, successes of feminist struggles were pointed out. Targets for future engagement were also made known.

Apparently a nerve was struck. Besides many positive reactions we had to realize that among others in Pieschen many of the posters were defaced by spray paint or partly torn down.
In this respect we would like to state: We are not intimidated by the damage to feminist posters. Nor will we ignore these anti-feminist events. They serve us all the more as an incentive to continue fighting for our emancipatory goals.
And to all those who think they can prevent this with torn down posters: work on your prejudices and enemy images, because feminist struggles will not disappear!
We continue to stand up for a loud, self-confident and publicly present feminism.
Not only on 8 March, but all year round. Not only in Dresden, but all over the world.

5th edition of AS.ISM

The current 5th edition of AS.ISM contains an interview with our interested group e*space!

The article was written together with the Berlin group “Emancipative & Antifascist Group [EAG]”. The power of definition and the handling of sexualised violence, also in the left-wing scene, are critically examined from different sides.

It was also important to us not to discredit the power of definition completely, because it is not always easy to see how it can be used in the context where it comes from – i.e. criticism of criminal law, women’s shelters, etc. – it was and is also relevant and important.

Feminist/ Discussion/Reading in pyjamas

Can you still remember the text that kindled fire and flames in you, or the book that was recommended to you by the older sister and which you yourself now recommend again and again? Does it annoy you that certain authors never get attention or do you want to remember forgotten luminaries?

In the night of March 7th to the International Women’s Fight Day (March 8th!) we want to read, discuss and maybe even contest texts by, with and about feminists in a comfortable atmosphere. We want to hang out and chat, debate and get to know each other – in a different way. Surprise movie at the end included.

What to wear: pyjamas, tights, comfortable clothes.
What to bring: (un)knowledge to share, your favourite text on a stick (and printed once), blanket and/or pillow, things to feel good about, snacks to share.
What not to bring: Theory dripping, incense candles.

Start: 20 Uhr
End: international women’s fight day
Place: Kosmotique

Open meeting to deal with sexualised violence / Moni’s Rache

Hello there, we are e*space, a group that has been working in different line-ups since 2012, mainly theoretically, on the topic of “emancipatory and collective approaches to sexualised violence”.

The events surrounding Moni’s revenge do not affect us, but above all, they raise issues and questions with which we are also confronted again and again.

Therefore, we want to try to create a space together in which we can deal with the possibilities, obstacles and limits of collective dealings with sexualised violence, which at the same time has room for those affected and tries to develop options for action on a collective level.

We want to exchange ideas and perhaps find common words on questions like:

What perspectives can we offer if we want to deal with (sexualised) violence collectively, i.e. also outside of the state, police and criminal justice system? To what extent can embedding in structural contexts be helpful in (collective) dealing with sexualised violence? What are perhaps also the limits of the transformative justice concept – especially in relation to the case of Moni’s revenge and its supposed application?

We would like to invite you to join us. If you are interested, we can also talk about how we can join forces and create a structure in this field in the long run.

05.March 19 – 22 pm AZ Conni. The meeting is open to all interested parties.


Speech #WomenDefendRojava

Or: Why the fight for peace and self-determination in north Syria is a feminist fight.

Our speech for the Rojava solidarity demonstration at the 26th of october in Dresden:

The recent attacks from the turkish government are neither surprising nor unique. Quite the opposite, they are just the latest sad height in a series of tries to destroy the achievements of the kurdish women’s movement. Continue reading

Thank God? – On the resignation of Bishop Rentzing

(1973 leaflet criticising church)


In 2015, Carsten Rentzing was elected the protestant Bishop of Saxony in a close election. As a representative of arch-conservative views, he was explicitly criticized back then (also by us) not least because of his homophobic views. At the time, we expressed our concern that right-wing positions would receive additional support through the election of a reactionary theologian to the church leadership. In recent years, Rentzing has proven that he repeatedly uses his power, his possibilities and his networks for this purpose precisely.

During his term in office, the criticism did not diminish, even if Rentzing tried to label and prevent inner-church debates about the political orientation of the protestant Landeskirche (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony) as conniving attempts of schism.

Unfortunately, there were unpleasant occasions for it, which led to a number of smaller and larger scandals, which, in many cases, did not even reach the public.

Continue reading

Support Alicja Tyisac

Dear Friends of Ciocia Basia,

we are currently trying to get funds for an eye operation for Alicja Tyisac, a Polish woman who lost most of her eyesight due to being denied abortion. We would be very happy about your support.

A pregnant woman from Poland, diagnosed with a severe eye disease, tried to get an abortion to avoid an escalation of her disease.

Her requests were rejected by several medical doctors and she underwent labor of her third child. Her condition later deteriorated, and she sued one of the doctors.

Her criminal lawsuits were rejected in Poland and the case was appealed to the European Court of Human Rights, which accepted one part of the complaint, and the plaintiff was awarded damages.

{source: Tysiąc v Poland}

At the moment “a woman” Alicja Tysiąc lives on 653 Polish Zloty a month, being: £135 and she is fighting to keep what’s left of her eye sight.

The medication costs her 4900pln (£1,019) …

Alicja is actively supporting #czarnyprotest and women right’s movement – NOW SHE NEEDS OUR SUPPORT.

YOU CAN SEND HER SUPPORT BY PAYPAL: email hidden; JavaScript is required

or via her Polish crowdfunding website:

Do you feel like..


.. feminist politics
.. theoretical discussions
.. talking
.. radical critics on society
.. feministist militancy
.. emancipatory practice?

Then come to the e*vibes meeting, to get to know each other, on June 13th 2016 in front of kosmotique (Martin – Luther – Str. 13, Dresden) at 4.30pm or write an e-mail to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

All genders welcome!

++ Second bus (from Dresden to Annaberg-Buchholz) ++

A week ago we stated:

Hard to believe but we already sold all bustickets.. If you still need a opportunity to get from Dresden to Annaberg please write us via facebook or email hidden; JavaScript is required

Meanwhile backed by public demand we organized a second bus – so all of you can come with us to protest against anti feminist fundamentalist shit!
Tickets are available till 2nd of June in the book store “König Kurt” at AZ Conni (Rudolf-Leonhardt-Str. 39). If you can’t manage it in time, write us an e-mail and we will find a solution.