Antifeminist damage

A poster campaign was carried out throughout Dresden on the occasion of the International Women’s Fight Day. With 1500 posters spread over the entire city area, successes of feminist struggles were pointed out. Targets for future engagement were also made known.

Apparently a nerve was struck. Besides many positive reactions we had to realize that among others in Pieschen many of the posters were defaced by spray paint or partly torn down.
In this respect we would like to state: We are not intimidated by the damage to feminist posters. Nor will we ignore these anti-feminist events. They serve us all the more as an incentive to continue fighting for our emancipatory goals.
And to all those who think they can prevent this with torn down posters: work on your prejudices and enemy images, because feminist struggles will not disappear!
We continue to stand up for a loud, self-confident and publicly present feminism.
Not only on 8 March, but all year round. Not only in Dresden, but all over the world.