“Let’s Break the Silence!” abortion stories

Abortions take place every day. Every year millions of people worldwide have abortions and will never talk about this experience. Because: to consciously decide to have an abortion is still frowned upon, ostracized and evaluated in many places. People are excluded, shamed, condemned and punished for it.

Silence is maintained.

We say: enough! Let us break the silence together and talk about our experiences. Let us share our experiences with others as naturally as the decision to have an abortion should be. Let us abolish shame, guilt, stigma and condemnation.

Our decisions are clear!
They are our bodies and our lives! And our reasons and stories are as diverse as we are.

Tell us about the procedure as it was for you. And how you felt about it. What sucked? What was desperate? Who and/or what stood in your way? Judging your decision? Insecure? …strengthened? What gave you strength? Who and/or what was important? Who was there? How do you feel about it today? What do we have to stand up for? What must change? What has to be considered?

Design a postcard or take a photo of yourselves with your statement. Send us video clips, audio clips. Send us letters. Send us your text.

Let us break with silence and stigma!

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Corona – being together in solidarity

Bini Adamczak: “The pandemic teaches us how vulnerable we are and how interdependent. And it teaches us that we can only act collectively and in solidarity – Merkel says accordingly. As if she had not only experienced socialist socialisation, but also studied feminist philosophy. What a pity that the declaration falls on the same day that Germany suspends the humanitarian admission of refugees and forces further deportations. But an ethic of vulnerability that excludes some of the most vulnerable is a lie. A solidarity that is to be forced into the borders and the service of the nation is not.

We too feel that we should show solidarity especially during this time.

We have printed posters, stickers and flyers that draw attention to this fact. We will distribute them  in #Dresden. Feel free to join us or print them out yourself and distribute them around you!

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Antifeminist damage

A poster campaign was carried out throughout Dresden on the occasion of the International Women’s Fight Day. With 1500 posters spread over the entire city area, successes of feminist struggles were pointed out. Targets for future engagement were also made known.

Apparently a nerve was struck. Besides many positive reactions we had to realize that among others in Pieschen many of the posters were defaced by spray paint or partly torn down.
In this respect we would like to state: We are not intimidated by the damage to feminist posters. Nor will we ignore these anti-feminist events. They serve us all the more as an incentive to continue fighting for our emancipatory goals.
And to all those who think they can prevent this with torn down posters: work on your prejudices and enemy images, because feminist struggles will not disappear!
We continue to stand up for a loud, self-confident and publicly present feminism.
Not only on 8 March, but all year round. Not only in Dresden, but all over the world.

Open meeting to deal with sexualised violence / Moni’s Rache

Hello there, we are e*space, a group that has been working in different line-ups since 2012, mainly theoretically, on the topic of “emancipatory and collective approaches to sexualised violence”.

The events surrounding Moni’s revenge do not affect us, but above all, they raise issues and questions with which we are also confronted again and again.

Therefore, we want to try to create a space together in which we can deal with the possibilities, obstacles and limits of collective dealings with sexualised violence, which at the same time has room for those affected and tries to develop options for action on a collective level.

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