Speech #WomenDefendRojava

Or: Why the fight for peace and self-determination in north Syria is a feminist fight.

Our speech for the Rojava solidarity demonstration at the 26th of october in Dresden:

The recent attacks from the turkish government are neither surprising nor unique. Quite the opposite, they are just the latest sad height in a series of tries to destroy the achievements of the kurdish women’s movement.

Starting at the beginning of early 2018, the kurdish self-regulatory territories in Afrin were attacked and occupied. Even within the turkish state, politicians of the opposition were prosecuted and put in jail. In cities in which the majority of citizens is kurdish, elected mayors were forcefully discharged and replaced by a police administration. The western world didn’t react at all. There is no further support from the military of the NATO-States. Instead, there are unchecked weapon deliveries, especially from Germany. There is still no international approval of the autonomous kurdish self-government. Rather than pursuing effective sanctions, there is occasional but muted diplomatic protest. All that has enabled Erdoğan to take further action. Step by step, all democratic administrated territories and structures should be brought into subjection of the nationalist-patriarchal rule.

The turkish dictator is not just driven by the neo-ottoman pursuit for a position as regional big power. No, he is afraid of everything the kurdish women’s movement, allied internationalists and fights for a democratic and equal society in north Syria have achieved. He is frightened because the democratic structures in Rojava means danger to him. In the past years, they have asserted themselves against lots of pressure. Now, they threaten the patriarchal machinery of power of the turkish state and its dictatorial attempts.

Unlike Islamist terror groups, the kurdish women’s movement cannot be used for imperialist purposes. Unlike religious ideologies, the emancipatory project in Rojava offers a vision of a peaceful and democratic Middle East. Unlike the syrian nationalism of Assad, democratic confederalism strives for liberating and solidary perspectives. These are not limited to a narrowly defined piece of land, a population group, a gender or a privileged class. They also include respect for nature. And last but not least, they also include new ways of a non-capitalist economy.

The women in Rojava have always said “We are fighting in the name of all women in the world.” This struggle is a source of inspiration for the social movements for emancipation, women’s liberation and justice all over the world. That’s why we’re standing by their side today in our thoughts. With the international campaign Women Defend Rojava, we unite against fascism, occupation and patriarchy.

Their struggles, whether at arms, in politics or in everyday life, deserve our solidarity and support.

Today we raise our voice for the recognition and preservation of the autonomous kurdish self-government in Rojava, for peace and justice in Syria!

Biji Berxwedane Rojava – Biji YPJ – Jin Jiyan Azadî – World wide for freedom, peace und emancipation!

We demand:

  1.  Immediate measures to stop the invasion and occupation of Northern and Eastern Syria by Turkey right now!
  2. A no-fly zone to protect human lives in Northern and Eastern Syria!
  3. All war crimes and all those responsible are to be brought to justice!
  4. Stop any arms trade with Turkey and enforce effective sanctions against Turkey!
  5. Recognise the democratic autonomous administration of the people of Northern and Eastern Syria!
  6. Immediate steps for a political solution to the crisis in Syria with the participation of women’s and self-governing bodies!

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