Feminist/ Discussion/Reading in pyjamas

Can you still remember the text that kindled fire and flames in you, or the book that was recommended to you by the older sister and which you yourself now recommend again and again? Does it annoy you that certain authors never get attention or do you want to remember forgotten luminaries?

In the night of March 7th to the International Women’s Fight Day (March 8th!) we want to read, discuss and maybe even contest texts by, with and about feminists in a comfortable atmosphere. We want to hang out and chat, debate and get to know each other – in a different way. Surprise movie at the end included.

What to wear: pyjamas, tights, comfortable clothes.
What to bring: (un)knowledge to share, your favourite text on a stick (and printed once), blanket and/or pillow, things to feel good about, snacks to share.
What not to bring: Theory dripping, incense candles.

Start: 20 Uhr
End: international women’s fight day
Place: Kosmotique

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