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cafém in March: Would have, could have, chould have – DOING IT!!

This month’s cafém is a little different. To be honest: The cafém is having a crisis. Which is why it is reinventing itself at the moment and, in future, it wants to be more open and interactive. We want to discuss YOUR ideas of how this little space created with the cafém could/should look like and how we can revitalise it together.
For this, we’re inviting you to the FIRST OPEN PLENARY at 3pm. Bring your friends and ideas 🙂 Let’s turn the cafém into an experimental open space that can be used and created by you yourselves and that is open for special events, such as bigger workshops or talks.

++Other topics++
* Review of the Feminist Fight Day Demonstration in Leipzig on 03/12/16
* Designing the new cafém leaflet
* Fixing the cafém sign
* Maybe a film

As usual, we’ll have a vegan buffet, coffee and tea. Feel free to bring some food or drinks or to leave a small donation. Of courese, there’ll also be a playing area for the little ones, a reading area with books and zines, as well as space and time to chat and hang out.

cafém – getting to know feminism: 2-8pm
open plenary: 3pm

cafém in February: what do we do girls? shout out loud!

some people love songs of the labour movement. they cherish them, learn their lyrics by heart, they recite them perfervidly. why doesn’t anything like that happen to feminist songs? are there any women songs? trans songs? lesbian songs? feminist movements, womanism and pop culture did indeed create some powerful, solidary, impressive songs. which ones have been and/or are important to you and what can why do with them now?
bring hits and insider’s tips on sound carriers (live performances are very welcome, as well^^)

next to that, we’ll have the usual vegan buffet (feel free to bring something, too), coffee, tea, a play area, lots of zines and books as well as time and space to chat, hang around and chill.

cafém – getting to know feminism: 3-8pm
listening to, playing, re_discovering, singing, performing,… feminist songs: 4pm
@kosmotique, martin-luther-str. 13, 01099 dresden

cafém in January: Before Stonewall

On 17/01, cafém starts at 4pm and invites you to enjoy coffee, cake and other delicacies (please feel free to bring something along). Come around to have a nice chat or to take the time to burry yourselves into one of our many (queer-)feminist books and zines. Kids are very welcome, as well.
At 6pm, we’re showing the film “Before Stonewall” (USA, 87 min, documentation, English w/ German subtitles)

“Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community is a 1984 American documentary film about the LGBT community prior to the 1969 Stonewall riots. Using filmed recollections and a wealth or archival material, Before Stonewall traces the social, political, and cultural development of the gay and lesbian community – from the social experimentation of the Roaring Twenties, to the discovery of the true size of this hidden society during World War II, to the scapegoating of homosexuals durng the McCarthy era, to the development of the early homophile rights movement. Often funny or ironical and sometimes sad, Before Stonewall provides an informative and engaging portrait of the history of ‘ordinary gay people’ in America.”

cafém – getting to know feminism from 4pm
film screening at 6pm (English w/ German subtitles)
at kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Str. 13, 01099 Dresden

cafém in December

The last cafém of 2015 (20/12/2015) won’t start until 4pm and will take place at the AZ Conni, but you’ll find the usual vegan bring-along-brunch, as well as zines, books and info material. Apart from that, there’ll be mulled wine and punch, we invited Jayrôme C. Robinet – who’ll perform “Das Licht ist weder gerecht noch ungerecht” at 6pm – and the evening will end with a bit of music. It’s going to be cosy! 🙂

cafém: 4pm
performance (in German): 6pm
@AZ Conni, Rudolf-Leonhard-Str. 39 (!)

[Sorry, we usually try to translate the whole announcement. Unfortunately time is very short at the moment, hence you can only find the most important facts in English. The perfomance itself will be in German, als well and it’s probably rather difficult to translate simultaneously – but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t try! :)]

cafém in November: “Goodbye Gender”

For the next cafém on 15/11/15, we invited Steff from the publishing house ‘w_orten und meer’. Steff will bring some of their books and read from ‘Goodbye Gender’.

Is it possible – a life without gender? Stories about trying and failing, cheerful and sad, about connections with people, their irritations and with an approach to a solution that might be new for many: bidding farewell to gender as a categorie. ‘Goodbye Gender’ makes a start.

gg_cover_webI wasn’t born into the wrong body, I was born into the wrong world.“
– Rae Spoon

Whast does it mean to never being in the right gender? – not in the one one was assigned to at birth; not in the notion of sexual identities, that were tried out later in life; not after a transition from ‘woman’ to ‘man’. And is it possible – giving up gender completely?

In short texts, Rae Spoon and Ivan E. Coyote take turns at telling about their journey through different phases of gendered and sexual life – up until they completely give up gender as an identification for themselves and are now ‘retiring on a pension’ of gender. But what is the reaction of friends, colleagues and relatives? How do I act in the pub, at a job interview, at a fuel station at night? Which other form of words do still exist to address me or talk about me/myself? And can I tell someone else’s gender just by looking at them?

Ivan and Rae tell about their childhood and youth, about first loves and growing-up, their lives on stages and behind them. They include reactions and make their readers laugh and cry, make them think and recognise – maybe they make them hear questions about gay identities and the lack of pronouns for the first time. Straightforwardly and closely, the book depicts how the idea of gender as a clear norm falls at a reality, in which looks, appearance and desires aren’t always clear.

Note: The authors won’t be present. The reading will be in German.

This cafém is part of the action days against sexism and homophobia of the student council of TU Dresden.

cafém in October: Drama Workshop

Summer-break is over – the next cafém takes place on 18/10/2015. As usual, there’s a brunch (feel free to bring something vegan or vegetarian), a reading corner with many zines and books, a play area and lots of space and time to chat.
From 3pm it’s time to get ready,…

…steady, go, on_stage!
Yes! First: warming up. Awakening the fun of and desire for acting.
Then: trying out (inside and OUT of yourself)!

With-one-an_other. Wildly, calmly, funnily, earnestly getting into improvisation, getting animated by me, actress, Anna.
Playing with slipping into “alien others’, playing with the ‘familiar peculiarity’.
In a room for women*lesbians*trans folks*inter folks*, in which we can play with topics of gender without being a puppet of gender.

The drama workshop is limited to 10 people, so drop us an e-mail to register: email hidden; JavaScript is required

cafém: 2-8pm
Workshop: 3pm

And here is this month’s poster – so now you can even print it out and hang it up yourselves or send it to all of your friends 🙂


Presentation of the Lili-Elbe-Archive for Inter, Trans, Queer History

A self-determined sense of life needs both the preservation of and reflection of one’s own history. The history of emancipatory intersexual and transgender as well as queer people and movements often remained and remains unmentioned or marginalised. In a pluralistic society, the culture of remembrance serves various interests and consequently becomes a dynamic field of negotiations and conflicts. An approach that focuses on those affected becomes more and more important.
The Lili Elbe Archive is the first of its kind to collect and archive documents about trans, inter and queer in detail. Niki Trauthwein introduces the archive’s work and invites us to discuss the relevance of a culture of remembrance.
Niki Trauthwein is chairwoman of the Lili Elbe Archive – research centre for inter-, trans- and queer history. More information (some in English)

As usual, the cafém welcomes you to come around from 2pm. We’ll have a small brunch (feel free to contribute something, as well) as well as many books and zines to browse.

date: Sunday, 19/07/2015
place: kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Str. 13, Dresden
cafém: 2-8pm
talk: 4pm

cafém in June: waffles, coffee and a film

Our cafém in June is going to be quieter and cosier: we want to make waffles, drink coffee and chat. It starts later as usual, as well: you can meet us at the kosmotique between 4pm and 8pm. Apart from waffles, we’ll have the usual brunch, so feel free to bring some food along. Besides, we have a lot of new zines and everyone interested can watch Matthew Warchus’ film from 2014 at 5pm (English with subtitles). It is based on a true story and depicts a group of homosexual activist supporting the British miner’s strike in 1984.

cafém: 4-8pm
film: 6pm
@kosmotique // Martin-Luther-Str. 13 // Dresden

cafém in May: Talk about §218 and Information on Annaberg-Buchholz

The option to choose abortion is part of the human rights. In Germany since 1871 the §218 considers abortion a crime. The following paragraphs state the conditions that have to be met to legally carry out an abortion. One of those conditions is the so called „Zwangsberatung“, an obligatory counselling. This is opposing (queer) feminist demands for bodily autonomy. In addition abortion is still a taboo in societey. Womyn*, who have had an abortion, are still being stygmatized. Also increasingly loud voices coming from fundamentally christian groups as well as right wing groups are calling for a prohibition of abortion in general. So we think it’s time to put the discussions about abortion back on (queer)feminist agendas, to discuss old answers and to pose new questions!

We are happy to announce that Katja Krolzik-Matthei will be our guest in the cafém on May 17th. She will talk about her recently published book „§218 – Feministische Perspektiven auf die Abtreibungsdebatte in Deutschland“ (Unrast Verlag). After her talk there will be the opportunity to discuss the upcoming protests against the „Schweigemarsch“ of the CDL on June 1st in Annaberg-Buchholz (more information on: schweigemarsch-stoppen.de) . You can also purchase bustickets and we can talk about actions that could take place against the event.

As usual the cafém will open at 2pm. There will be a small brunch buffet and we are happy if people contribute and bring along some stuff (like cake or salads, or whatever vegan) Just hang out with us, read some zines or have a cup of coffee!
The event is organized in cooperation with the Stura of the TU Dresden.

cafém: 2 – 8pm
talk: 4 – 5.30pm
Information on the protest in Annaberg-Buchholz: 6pm