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Presentation of the Lili-Elbe-Archive for Inter, Trans, Queer History

A self-determined sense of life needs both the preservation of and reflection of one’s own history. The history of emancipatory intersexual and transgender as well as queer people and movements often remained and remains unmentioned or marginalised. In a pluralistic society, the culture of remembrance serves various interests and consequently becomes a dynamic field of negotiations and conflicts. An approach that focuses on those affected becomes more and more important.
The Lili Elbe Archive is the first of its kind to collect and archive documents about trans, inter and queer in detail. Niki Trauthwein introduces the archive’s work and invites us to discuss the relevance of a culture of remembrance.
Niki Trauthwein is chairwoman of the Lili Elbe Archive – research centre for inter-, trans- and queer history. More information (some in English)

As usual, the cafém welcomes you to come around from 2pm. We’ll have a small brunch (feel free to contribute something, as well) as well as many books and zines to browse.

date: Sunday, 19/07/2015
place: kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Str. 13, Dresden
cafém: 2-8pm
talk: 4pm