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Get lost, B.O.R.! – A brief personal account on what happened at the anti-abortion march organized by the Orthodox Romanian Church

We share here the report of a companion from Rumania who constitutes the ongoing anti-abortionist marches by the orthodoxian church and the way too minor protests against. We solidarize with their struggels and with this want to call attention. So please share this article!

Against every fundamentalism!

Feminist Solidarity after evictions in Greece

We would like to share the call for solidarity from “Feminists for migrant solidarity in Athens”. On the same issue, an office of the LINKE party (sister organisation of SYRIZA) was occupied in Dresden. Like the squatters demanded, Katja Kipping (Leader of the LINKE party) contacted SYRIZA officials to condemn the police action in Thessaloniki. (Declaration from the occupation in Dresden)


During the early morning of the 27th of July, riot police evicted 3 squats in the city of Thessaloniki, (Orfanotrofio, Nikis Avenue, and Hurriya) which were were being used for the housing needs of migrants and people in solidarity. Heavy police forces raided the squats and detained 83 people, out of whom 74 were later accused of “disturbing private peace”. Continue reading

Connection European Struggles

We are excited to share the call for the CES conference in Sweden, which is organized by Första Linjen. We will also contribute to it – our workshop will be announced soon.

Conference 18-20 september 2015

In 2014 the first Connecting European Struggles conference was held in Lund, Sweden and gathered participants from multiple European countries in order to discuss, connect and mobilize around crisis politics. Now we are calling for the 2015 conference, this time in Malmö, which we hope will build on the previous one and be bigger, better and broader.

For the 2015 conference we have decided to highlight gender issues and feminism in crisis, a perspective that has mostly been lacking in many radical analysis and perspectives on our current situation. Continue reading

Adress of Solidarity to Feminist Fightback in London

Today, Feminist Fightback is protesting in London against a fundamentalist right-wing procession from their church to a nearby abortion clinic (we wrote about it in this post). Since we face a very similar problem with the “march of silence” in Annaberg-Buchholz, we sent them this adress of solidarity:

Dear comrades!

We  want to express our solidarity to your struggle in London against the religious right-wing movement and their anti women* views.
Even if the situation differs in the various regions of the world, we are united by many common interests and similar challenges in our fight for the right of pregnant people to decide!

In  Saxony, we have to face a silent march which advocates for abolishing –  the already very restricted – legal options for abortion. At the 1st of  June, evangelicalists will try to spread their regressive demands demonstrating in Annaberg-Buchholz, a small saxon town  – but we will be there, too. We want to protest for the right to choose and we are ready to intervene when they try to influence public opinion and political discussions!

In Latin America as in the US, in Germany like in UK, all over the world emancipatory movements have to face fundamentalist religious attempts to control and dictate the life of women*! All over the world, reactionary forces try to ensure their influence on society. One of their tools is the control over reproductive rights. They do this at the expense of oppressed and underprivileged people.

Our strength when fighting those repressive actions lies in connecting emancipatory struggles throughout the world. When we share our experiences, our analyses and our critique, when we combine our efforts  for a liberated and solidary society, when we stand united in hard times as well as when celebrating our victories – we will overcome the patriarchal and capitalist structures which constantly deteriorate our lifes and impair our freedom.

So we wish you good luck with your Pro-Choice Action. Our thoughts are with you, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for a successful day in London!

When they try to take our rights – we don’t step back, we start to fight!


Pro Choice – Action in London

The fight concerning repoductive rights is an international one. Even so the situation is mostly different in each country it is possible to find similarities. One example is the Pro Choice – Action against a religious, right wing demonstration on May 9th in London.

The group Feminist Fightback organizes a counter action.
Here is their announcement.

A religious anti-abortion group are planning a procession from a church in east London to a nearby abortion clinic. We can’t let this go unchallenged – they might have a right to express their opinion, but they don’t have a god-given right to stand outside a clinic, peddle lies and intimidate and harass people. As well as making sure people can access the clinic safely, we want to do a lively action that makes a stand against the religious right-wing and their anti-women views that are dressed up as concern and counselling.

More details to follow but pls save the time and date! The location is near a tube station in East London.

There will be a banner and placard making session on Tuesday 28th April at the Common House 7-9pm. We can use the riso printer to print off your own ‘pro-choice’ designs. We will also discuss plans of action for the day.

Spread the news to all your networks!

Abortion is not just a ‘women’s’ issue. And not just about a woman’s individual ‘right’ or ‘choice’**, which is hard to come by in a capitalist system, especially for black and working class women who always bear the brunt of such policies – either by not being able to access abortions if they want one, or being forced to have one because the state doesn’t want them to reproduce, or having to have one because they can’t afford to have a baby. As communists/anarchists/socialists of various types, we should all recognise the importance of reproductive justice, linked as it is to capitalist production and control over working class bodies. We all have an interest in defending ourselves against the state and religious powers.

Abortion is a class issue! All genders welcome!

In solidarity,
feminist fightback