Whisk(e)ytasting – Prohibition? Prochoice!

Governmental restrictions as a media of combating alleged or real social problems have a long tradition.
The concept of prohibition is mainly associated with the prohibition of alcohol in the United States of the 1920s and 30s. 100 years ago, the abstainers’ movement enforced the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Promoted among others but especially by the churches the production, the sales and transport of intoxicating liquids were forbidden. Alcohol consumption was considered morally charged as an expression of a lack of virtue, which harmed the body. Behind this seemingly “anti-lust” discipline there were above all political imparatives: the weakening of productivity by alcoholised workers was to be prevented and access to bourgeois bodies legitimised in the name of purity and clarity.

The actual effects of alcohol prohibition, on the other hand, are well known: a lot of money can be earned underground, the protection of consumers suffers. What was literally put into the glass was tumbled. Clarence Darrow, a criminal defence lawyer of the USA at that time, said

“[Prohibition] replaced beer with whiskey for many people, which I consider a bad exchange. It made people drink gin and whiskey when they used to choose wine.”

When it comes to abortion, a hundred thousand of people being unwanted pregnant still have to resort to symbolic whiskey. They also have to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the black market, and their protection is not guaranteed either. In addition to judicial, cultural and social criminalisation, their physical integrity is also at stake: either through a lack of hygiene standards and a botched mess, or through the use of various objects to carry out an abortion independently. Hangers for example.  Due to regulation and a lack of freedom of choice and information in the case of abortions, unintentionally pregnant people are forced to go illegal ways in order to assert their right to physical self-determination. Parallels to prohibition are obvious.

Leisure activities and the fundamental right to reproductive and sexual self-determination do not go together? While you try the variety of tastes of 5 interesting whiskeys from all over the world, we report about the different strategies of (Il-)legalization of abortions in the respective production countries. Here, too, political imperatives are hidden, which we seek to dissolve together.


When: 12 May 2019 18 o’clock
Where: Heartbreak
Donation recommendation: 5-10 Euro

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(Food will not be provided during the event)

Prohibition? Prochoice!
+++ Protect life! Legalize abortion! e*vibes- for a feminist practice +++

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