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“Let’s Break the Silence!” abortion stories

Abortions take place every day. Every year millions of people worldwide have abortions and will never talk about this experience. Because: to consciously decide to have an abortion is still frowned upon, ostracized and evaluated in many places. People are excluded, shamed, condemned and punished for it.

Silence is maintained.

We say: enough! Let us break the silence together and talk about our experiences. Let us share our experiences with others as naturally as the decision to have an abortion should be. Let us abolish shame, guilt, stigma and condemnation.

Our decisions are clear!
They are our bodies and our lives! And our reasons and stories are as diverse as we are.

Tell us about the procedure as it was for you. And how you felt about it. What sucked? What was desperate? Who and/or what stood in your way? Judging your decision? Insecure? …strengthened? What gave you strength? Who and/or what was important? Who was there? How do you feel about it today? What do we have to stand up for? What must change? What has to be considered?

Design a postcard or take a photo of yourselves with your statement. Send us video clips, audio clips. Send us letters. Send us your text.

Let us break with silence and stigma!

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