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Let’s ruin PEGIDA’s birthday!

Saxony sucks

Joint call for action by the groups URA, e*vibes, AusserKontrolle und gruppe polar.

About a year ago the right-wingpopulist PEGIDA marched through Dresden for the first time. Since then there have been gatherings of racists on a daily basis somewherein Saxony. The number of attacks on refugees, their accommodations and their supporters are on the rise, leading to staggering heights, backed by a growing right-wing hegemony. The pogrom-like riots in Heidenau are a symbol of these developments. Over the last few months the anti-fascist interventions aimed at preventing the worst and supporting affected persons on sight as well as the protests of refugees. There are also positive developments: Everywhere people organize themselves in neighborhood-initiatives to support refugees. Many activists help refugees cross borders and thousands demonstrated, also in Dresden for a “culture of welcome”. However, all these initiatives fizzle out under the pressure of toughened asylum-laws and racist terror. They almost seem cynical against the background of tens of thousands of deaths at Europe’s external borders. On October 19, PEGIDA wants to celebrate its first birthday. For us this is a reason to once again concentrate on the heart of the racist beast and prevent Bachmann and his crew from taking even one step without being disturbed.

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cafém in October: Drama Workshop

Summer-break is over – the next cafém takes place on 18/10/2015. As usual, there’s a brunch (feel free to bring something vegan or vegetarian), a reading corner with many zines and books, a play area and lots of space and time to chat.
From 3pm it’s time to get ready,…

…steady, go, on_stage!
Yes! First: warming up. Awakening the fun of and desire for acting.
Then: trying out (inside and OUT of yourself)!

With-one-an_other. Wildly, calmly, funnily, earnestly getting into improvisation, getting animated by me, actress, Anna.
Playing with slipping into “alien others’, playing with the ‘familiar peculiarity’.
In a room for women*lesbians*trans folks*inter folks*, in which we can play with topics of gender without being a puppet of gender.

The drama workshop is limited to 10 people, so drop us an e-mail to register: email hidden; JavaScript is required

cafém: 2-8pm
Workshop: 3pm

And here is this month’s poster – so now you can even print it out and hang it up yourselves or send it to all of your friends 🙂