Let’s ruin PEGIDA’s birthday!

Saxony sucks

Joint call for action by the groups URA, e*vibes, AusserKontrolle und gruppe polar.

About a year ago the right-wingpopulist PEGIDA marched through Dresden for the first time. Since then there have been gatherings of racists on a daily basis somewherein Saxony. The number of attacks on refugees, their accommodations and their supporters are on the rise, leading to staggering heights, backed by a growing right-wing hegemony. The pogrom-like riots in Heidenau are a symbol of these developments. Over the last few months the anti-fascist interventions aimed at preventing the worst and supporting affected persons on sight as well as the protests of refugees. There are also positive developments: Everywhere people organize themselves in neighborhood-initiatives to support refugees. Many activists help refugees cross borders and thousands demonstrated, also in Dresden for a “culture of welcome”. However, all these initiatives fizzle out under the pressure of toughened asylum-laws and racist terror. They almost seem cynical against the background of tens of thousands of deaths at Europe’s external borders. On October 19, PEGIDA wants to celebrate its first birthday. For us this is a reason to once again concentrate on the heart of the racist beast and prevent Bachmann and his crew from taking even one step without being disturbed.

Germany is not the solution!

Refugees who managed to come here are locked up in inhumane conditions. The German Minister for tInternal Affairs and his clique demand separate deportation-camps for refugees who are not even granted a chance of asylum in Germany. We have put a stop to these assholes and their plans!Because of the Dublin-Agreement and regulations on supposedly safe third countries or countries of origin, the group of “false” and “useless” asylum seekers is growing. To prevent those unwanted persons from entering Fortress Europe, they build even higher walls around it. Meanwhile the German state gradually plans to worsen the living conditions of those considered “useful” even further. The overcrowded tent-camps and industrial warehouses are the best proof of it.Furthermore the calls for “integration” from all sides mean nothing else than more extreme exploitation through one-Euro-jobs or exceptions to the minimum wage. In order to safeguard the Germany economy, everything should be organized as efficiently as possible. The readiness to help of the allegedly friendly Germany is swiftly used to put a moral facade on the claim of political leadership in Europe. The German state however, is not willing to compromise at all when it comes to its authoritarian austerity policies. The so-called refugee crisis, as well as the crisis of European capitalism, is passed onto the most vulnerable social groups.

Let’s crash their party!

In this fucked-up situation PEGIDA plays a leading role. The movement is not only a gathering-point and support for the racist mob from Freital, Heidenau and elsewhere, it also repeatedly provides prompts for politicians of different parties, starting with the social democratic SPD and the Greens up to the conservative CDU. PEGIDA is the spearhead of racist agitation and nationalist propaganda. PEGIDA poses as critical of the system, but this is nothing more than a mask. And its concerns for women’s rights are hypocritical. They only serve the purpose of legitimizing their anti-Muslim racism and sincere feminist approaches are vilified as “genderism”. So more than anything PEGIDA is a conservative and conformist revolt against every kind of social emancipation and a particularly disgusting variety of the German claim to power in Europe.Therefore we have to find a solidary and emancipatory answer that fights against all this mess. We have to come up with political alternatives and reach them together with refugees. Racism, no matter if it stems from utilitarianism or dull nationalism, has to be named as such and we have to fight against it.

In short: Solidarity must become political!

We have reached a point at which the only answer can be: We‘ve had enough!

Against every restriction of asylum-laws and the murderous European border regime!

We demand global freedom of movement and the right to stay for everyone!

Not even an inch of Dresden streets for PEGIDA!