Prague, 27th of April – against the “National March for the Family”

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This year on 27th of April there will be a public counter protest against the “Pro-Life- March” in Prague, organized by our friends from Kollektiv 115.
Together with Pro Choice Sachsen and  URA, we call for bringing the protest and our demands for an emancipatory perspective instead of reactionary, sexist family ideology to an international level. We call for supporting our local friends* and comrades-in-arms in their feminist and anti-nationalist struggles.

Therefore we share the call of Kollektiv 115:


Like an icy wind, a wave of conservative values is sweeping the countries of the former Eastern bloc. In the past years we have witnessed the tightening of abortion laws in Poland, attempts at restriction in Slovakia and homophobic referenda e.g. in Croatia and Romania.

This wave, which unites religious fundamentalists, the far right and antifeminists, hasn’t avoided the Czech Republic. What used to be a marginal event attended by several hundred crazed ultra-conservatives, the March for Life has grown in popularity since 2012, thanks to the nationalist and anti-immigration rhethoric of it’s patron, the archbishop of Prague, but also because of the effort of the Pro-Life Movement to improve their image in the media. A big part of that is the project We Do not Judge, We Help, which creates a likeabe image of aid in cases of unplanned pregnancies.

The Pro-Life Movement has strong ties to the far right and shares a common history with the ultra conservative petition D.O.S.T., which it now tries to hide. If we don’t want the religious far-right to gain more infuence and push society into a situation similar to the one in Poland then we have to stand up to them. It’s time to tear down their amicable mask and expose their true face. Behind that mask there is that old well known desire to dictate what we should do with our bodies. A desire to ban and criminalize abortin and contraception, to curb sex education, homophobia, transphobia and dreams of the traditional family and traditional gender roles.

In Czechoslovakia abortion on demand was legalized in the 50’s. But when the state enacts progressive policies from the top, the grassroots movements loses it’s voice. But once the state turns its back on us, that voice becomes extremely important. That is why we want to unite everyone who could be endangered by religious fundamentalists and mobilise on the basis of our vision of a free and emancipated society for everyone.

On the 27th of April the National March For Life is going to take place in Prague. We are organising a dance counter demonstration. We would like to invite all our feminist comrades.


bus tickets
URA has taken care of the trip, tickets are now available here for a donation:

Rudolfstraße 7
01097 Dresden, Germany

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun: 4pm – 01am

You can find all information about departure place and time on the tickets.
15 € are recommended to donate for  cost-covering.

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