No means … event series from February until April 2019

++No means… Confrontations with sexualised violence in left-wing contexts++

Crossing borders in the form of physical and psychological violence takes place everywhere, and even people who oppose sexism and work together for a mindful approach are being confronted with such behaviour themselves or within their immediate environment. Therefore such cases are not rare even within left-wing scenes.

Individual incidents of this kind, as well as the topic in general, have been dealt with in Dresden in recent years primarily by smaller groups of people, and it is still evident that there is too little understanding, lack of effort and too many defensive reactions to deal with the topic in one’s own contexts. Be it that one’s own reflection on behaviour is too exhausting, a change of perspective on one’s own group members is poorly possible, or that the whole situation seems totally exaggerated. The trivialisations that follow such incidents occur much more frequently than reflection and processing. Therefore we would like to encourage with our series of events particularly the local scene to get to grips with the topic, as well as offer a space for exchange. Apart from the theoretical (further) education we also want to encourage people to unite and form a group, which deals with it more constantly. The events:

14.02.2019 Gender und House Combat
with Bea und Amantine from Berlin
19 Uhr Betriebsküche, Berliner Str. 63a, 01067 Dresden

28.02.2019 Reading: Nichts was uns passiert (Nothing that happens to us)
Bettina Wilpert
19:30 Uhr Stadtteilhaus Dresden Äußere Neustadt

07.03.2019 Lecture: Rape revisited
Mithu Sanyal
19 Uhr AZ Conni Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 39, 01097 Dresden

14.03.2019  Wie Nein sagen Nähe ermöglicht (How to say no enables proximity)
The Irksome Institute
19:30 Uhr; Kukulida Martin-Luther-Str. 1, 01099 Dresden

21.03.2019 Lecture: Progressive Masculinity
Muriel Aichberger
20 Uhr AZ Conni Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 39, 01097 Dresden

28.03.An Approach to Dealing with Discrimination and Violence – Introduction to Community Accountability
18:30 Uhr AZ Conni Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 39, 01097 Dresden

04.04. Lecture: Transformative work with violent individuals
20 Uhr AZ Conni Rudolf-Leonhard-Straße 39, 01097 Dresden

13.04.2019 Antisexist support as support structure for the scene…?
ASL Leipzig
14 Uhr Betriebsküche, Dresden

18.04.2019 Lets found a group
@ AZ Conni