Emancipation is fine as hell – Stop the silent march

Every year in Germany, Christian fundamentalist opposers of pregnancy terminations gather at demonstrations to go public with their worldview. These demonstrations take, for example, place in Berlin and Münster. Since 2010, there’s also a mobilisation for so-called silent marches in Annaberg-Buchholz. Those are directed against everyone’s right of self-determination – but predominantly against the self-determination of those who can get pregnant.

Until last year, the CDL (Christian-democrates for life) organised the marches. They are part of the CDU and their stated aim is to fully criminalise pregnancy terminations not only in Germany, buy around the world.
This March, the organiser of the silent march changed and now it is a group called “right to live Saxony” (Lebensrecht Sachsen) – a change that makes the event more open to those people who support the same reactionary ideas, but who don’t understand themselves as religious or are affiliated with other parties. In consequence, the march is now especially suitable for supporters of the AFD.

Racist prejudices and the fear of a decline in values are on a rise. Christian fundamentalists tie in with widespread sexist and homophobic oppinions and make the atmosphere even worse. With their events, they fuel prejudices and hate – which makes protests even more important.

We won’t let anyone tell us whether we should (not) have kids or how many kids we have to have.
We won’t let anyone tell us how our relationships should look like, how we live, love and die.
Those are our lives, our bodies, our decisions!
For emancipation and self-determination!
Raise your voice – your body, your choice!
Be loud and creative!
Turning the silent march into a disaster!

06/06/16, 5pm
Chemnitzer Straße/Barbara-Uthmann-Ring
(opposite of hospital “Erzgebirgzklinikum”)

Jam and open stage for women*

in cooperation with AZ Conni we organize the following event:

Open stage for all people who want to try things out for themselves like playing music, performing, learning, listening…

Most music genres are still male dominated. We want to break with this continuity and create a respectfull space where FLT* have the opportunity to perform on stage without any fear or pressure, without having to fit into a certain role model.

8pm AZ Conni, Dresden

Queer, Anarchism and Feminism

Today an event with the topic “Queer, Anarchism and Feminism” will take place.
An activist of crimethinc. will prepare an input and after that we will have a discussion.

The event will be in English.
7:15pm @AZ Conni

We live in a strange moment in the history of gender oppression.
Same-sex marriage is becoming legal in more and more countries, while restrictions on abortion and women’s reproductive autonomy are getting worse. Transgender people have become more visible than ever in the mass media, yet gender does not seem to be any less entrenched as a system of
domination in daily life. Why are all things gay and even transgender “trending”, while feminism continues to be marginalized? Could the logic of “diversity” and “inclusion,” particularly when applied to gay and transgender people in the global north, actually reinforce a repressive neoliberal agenda? How do radical queer/feminist concepts like sex positivity, polyamory, and challenging the gender binary relate to
neoliberal capitalism? And most importantly, what does collective resistance to gender oppression look like in the era of gay marriage and trans celebrities? Join a queer anarchist and feminist from the USA for provocative reflections on the politics of gender and sexuality today.

cafém in March: Would have, could have, chould have – DOING IT!!

This month’s cafém is a little different. To be honest: The cafém is having a crisis. Which is why it is reinventing itself at the moment and, in future, it wants to be more open and interactive. We want to discuss YOUR ideas of how this little space created with the cafém could/should look like and how we can revitalise it together.
For this, we’re inviting you to the FIRST OPEN PLENARY at 3pm. Bring your friends and ideas 🙂 Let’s turn the cafém into an experimental open space that can be used and created by you yourselves and that is open for special events, such as bigger workshops or talks.

++Other topics++
* Review of the Feminist Fight Day Demonstration in Leipzig on 03/12/16
* Designing the new cafém leaflet
* Fixing the cafém sign
* Maybe a film

As usual, we’ll have a vegan buffet, coffee and tea. Feel free to bring some food or drinks or to leave a small donation. Of courese, there’ll also be a playing area for the little ones, a reading area with books and zines, as well as space and time to chat and hang out.

cafém – getting to know feminism: 2-8pm
open plenary: 3pm

“We’re far worse than we thought we are, we’re shocked by ourselves”

Thoughts on feminist militancy

What’s that shit with women* apparently being either peaceful or bitchy? How are femininity and aggression interconnected? How can we overcome – in our political practice – the friendliness/smile we were taught? What does militancy mean to us, what can feminist militancy be? Definitely more than a mixture of feminist slogans and things guys are doing at demonstrations. How should our “our” militancy look, without only taking part in already existing forms? Which examples of feminist militancy existed in the past? And now, where to go to with the anger?
Link to the video

When? 09/03/16 at 6pm (!!! time changed !!!)
Where? kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Str. 16 01099 Dresden
talks is in German

cafém in February: what do we do girls? shout out loud!

some people love songs of the labour movement. they cherish them, learn their lyrics by heart, they recite them perfervidly. why doesn’t anything like that happen to feminist songs? are there any women songs? trans songs? lesbian songs? feminist movements, womanism and pop culture did indeed create some powerful, solidary, impressive songs. which ones have been and/or are important to you and what can why do with them now?
bring hits and insider’s tips on sound carriers (live performances are very welcome, as well^^)

next to that, we’ll have the usual vegan buffet (feel free to bring something, too), coffee, tea, a play area, lots of zines and books as well as time and space to chat, hang around and chill.

cafém – getting to know feminism: 3-8pm
listening to, playing, re_discovering, singing, performing,… feminist songs: 4pm
@kosmotique, martin-luther-str. 13, 01099 dresden

International Trans* Prisoners Day

On January 22, 2016 will be the first annual Trans* Prisoner Day of Action: an international day of action in solidarity with trans* prisoners.

We would like to join this day of action together with the Anarchist Black Cross Dresden.

Especially in Germany there is almost nothing known about trans* people in prisons and what they have to face there.

That´s why we would like to invite you to meet us together at the January 22.

We will watch a movie and discuss, exchange the knowledge we have to know hopefully more at the end, we wanna write letters to the prisoners and eat cake.


This grassroots project was initiated by Marius Mason, a trans* prisoner in Texas, US. This annual event is being lead by trans prisoners and their supporters from around the world. It is a chance for those on the outside to remember those behind bars, give real solidarity and support and raise awareness about issues facing trans* prisoners. It is a chance for those on the inside to have a voice and organize together.

For trans* people in prison, those problems, like the terror of scrutiny, disgust, isolation, harassment and sexualised violence are doubled by the physical and emotional restraints of a literal cage, which you can’t leave. For decades, early queer activists showed active solidarity and support for the ones imprisoned – they wrote letters, had marches, and demanded not just that they be treated with respect and dignity, but their total and unconditional release. Queer and trans* prisoners organized with each other and the outside world. Join us in reviving that tradition.

cafém in January: Before Stonewall

On 17/01, cafém starts at 4pm and invites you to enjoy coffee, cake and other delicacies (please feel free to bring something along). Come around to have a nice chat or to take the time to burry yourselves into one of our many (queer-)feminist books and zines. Kids are very welcome, as well.
At 6pm, we’re showing the film “Before Stonewall” (USA, 87 min, documentation, English w/ German subtitles)

“Before Stonewall: The Making of a Gay and Lesbian Community is a 1984 American documentary film about the LGBT community prior to the 1969 Stonewall riots. Using filmed recollections and a wealth or archival material, Before Stonewall traces the social, political, and cultural development of the gay and lesbian community – from the social experimentation of the Roaring Twenties, to the discovery of the true size of this hidden society during World War II, to the scapegoating of homosexuals durng the McCarthy era, to the development of the early homophile rights movement. Often funny or ironical and sometimes sad, Before Stonewall provides an informative and engaging portrait of the history of ‘ordinary gay people’ in America.”

cafém – getting to know feminism from 4pm
film screening at 6pm (English w/ German subtitles)
at kosmotique, Martin-Luther-Str. 13, 01099 Dresden

Against sexualised violence and racism. Always. Anywhere. #ausnahmslos (“noexcuses”)

We also support this text Against sexualised violence and racism. Always. Anywhere. #ausnahmslos (“noexcuses”):

On the night of New Year’s Eve, numerous women were sexually attacked in public spaces in Cologne and other German cities.. These crimes demand thorough and comprehensive investigations. The prevailing impunity regarding crimes of sexualised violence must end.

We demand that the survivors receive the best possible care and support. We are in solidarity with those who have experienced sexualised violence and harassment.

Who we are (More info on this activist group)

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