Greetings from Malmö

We had a lot of fun at the CES conference in Malmö (Sweden), shared our thoughts with a lot of comrades from all over europe (and beyond) and made new friends.

We also contributed to two events at the conference. One was the panel with Feminist Fightback about Reproductive Justice, the other one was a workshop about connecting feminist and anticapitalist struggles.

We recorded both and are happy to present the talks for everyone who couldn’t attend and for those who want to listen again 🙂
We start with the shorter record, the panel will be added as soon as we can manage to do the audio postproduction.

Gender and Capitalism – an inevitable love? On the necessity of connecting feminist (and) anti-capitalist struggles

Here are links to the text which were discussed after the short input. We can also send you the texts via e-mail if the links are expired someday.